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Frontend Developer (Svelte/Kit)

We are looking for a driven and curious frontend developer who wants to build beautiful and responsive web applications.

Who you are

You are a driven software developer with a few years of experience, ready to take on the next challenge with an exciting, expanding product and modern tech-stack.

About you

  • You have good problem solving skills and a willingness to get stuff done.

  • You are a curious person that is not satisfied until you understand each concept you come across.

  • You enjoy working in an iterative and fast-paced environment.

  • You enjoy learning new concepts and sharing knowledge with the team.

You most likely have:

  • Strong knowledge of modern HTML, TypeScript and CSS

  • Experience with front-end frameworks such as Svelte or React

  • A passion for developing accessible applications

  • An eye for detail and a taste for great UI

It will be a plus if you have:

  • Good knowledge of state management, especially in the context of reactivity

  • Experience with SPA & MPA approaches, including server and client side rendering

  • Experience in writing, but also maintaining and deploying performant code

What you will do

As one of our first Frontend Developers, you will very actively contribute to creating a groundbreaking platform, transforming the way AI-assisted work is done. Your responsibilities will span across the full front-end world, including mobile, embeddable web components and our flagship web app.


These are some of the things you will do:

  • Closely work with our highly collaborative team of engineers and business developers 

  • Build and maintain a variety of new and existing features, essentially contributing to all user-facing parts of intric 

  • Bring design proposals from receiving figma sketches all the way to shipped features

  • Continuously improve the standard of our app’s architecture

  • Develop and maintain accessible UI components for our UI library

  • Improve and maintain the js-based intric API client

  • Implement functionality or tools that improve the developer experience and speed up work for others in the codebase.

Our tech-stack


HTML/CSS, Typescript, Svelte/Kit, Tailwind, Melt UI, PNPM


Python, FastAPI


Docker, Vercel, PostgreSQL, Redis, 

Other important tools

Figma, Penpot, Git, Jira

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